Coaching and Finance for Distracted Entrepreneurs

Amplify your business profits with simple, streamlined business bookkeeping.

Minimum distraction and maximum chaos control.

Who We Are

support for bookkeeping


ADHD can make everyday life a struggle, but we are here to support you through it all! We understand where you're coming from and the problems you face and we know how to work through them - because we are ADHD too!

education about bookkeeping


Financial concepts can be hard to grasp so we make things easy! We break down complex ideas to simple, relatable concepts so that you can understand and retain the information.

business tools bookkeeping services


Not all tools are the same! We use tools and resources that are catered to the ADHD brain - fewer distractions and simpler workflows make keeping yourself focused a breeze.

Get your books done--without having to lift a finger!

How We Help

effective bookkeeping tools

Effective Tools

Spreadsheets? Expensive, clunky and confusing software? No more! Using Xero cloud accounting software is the cost-effective way to keep your sanity while managing your bookkeeping.

Fewer distractions and better support means your ADHD won't get the better of you!

growth in business

Business Growth

You are BUSY!

Who has the time to learn bookkeeping when you're running a business? When you work with us you'll save yourself time and energy that you can reinvest into growing your empire!

confidence in bookkeeping


Outsourcing your bookkeeping is one things many owners find scary - but with us, YOU are still a key part of the team. We want you to understand what the numbers mean, so you can be confident making business decisions!

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